YY was born in Guangzhou, China on August 16, 1935 (Chinese calendar). He is the eldest in the family and has two sisters and a brother. He lost father when he was nine and therefore assumed responsibility of a father at his early age. He grew up in Macau and was very intelligent. He finished secondary school in Macau at the age of 12. Then he came to Hong Kong to continue his education. He attended King's College and graduated there. He was independent and capable when he was still small. Like many miserable children in those days, he had to work and study at the same time.

YY joined the government as a temporary clerk on September 16, 1956. His talent was quickly recognized. He joined the police force as a police inspector on June 19, 1959. He married with May on March 26, 1960. He had his first daughter, Jacquelin, in 1961. His second daughter, Josephine, was born in 1962. Warren, the youngest son, joined the family in1963. Soon after his birth, YY was amongst the first batch of police officers sent to the United Kingdom for training. YY's achievement could not be more truly reflected than the CPM (Colonial Police Medal) award presented to him on October 27, 1986 by Sir Youde, the former Hong Kong Governor. He retired on August 15, 1990, after serving the community for 31 years. He then migrated to San Francisco in early 1991.

YY spent most of his time in San Francisco with his wife and mother. He was found sick and suffered from cancer in esophagus shortly after he came back to Hong Kong for Jacquelin's wedding in Apr 1994. He became a Christian in the same year and was baptized in July 22, 1994.

YY was well regarded by friends and relatives. He was humorous and resourceful. His pleasant and generous personalities soon made him extremely popular within the force. His cookery also won him a lot of friends and leaves his friends more than a friend to miss. To his family, he cares, loves and forgives. To his colleagues, he protects, tolerates and encourages. To his friends, he cheers and entertains.

We could never expect a better father like him.